Thursday, April 7, 2011

Senior Thesis Update #7

Hi guys!

Well, thesis is almost done! Well, technically it hasn't even started yet but the process is almost done. Check it out!

All the elements are printed and mounted on their respective boards. These boards will be installed tomorrow (Friday) night so nobody messes with them. Hooray!

Also, I have buttons! Four different kinds - Silver, Bromine, Carbon, and Radon. These four will also be featured on my postcards, which have just been shipped (but will probably not be here until Monday). Oh! And I also entered those four (and Titanium) into this year's 3x3 Illustration competition (Young Adult); not sure anything will come of that but it never hurts to try!

Otherwise, my shelf is up, my business cards are ready to go, and I'll be helping install nameplates tomorrow for my and everyone else's spaces. All I really have left to do is install my boards, fix my portfolio, and write my artist statement and put that up. Victory is near! I'll take pictures of my finished space tomorrow or Saturday and put them up here so you guys can see it.

Well, bye for now!


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