Monday, March 28, 2011

Elements Preview

(Yes I will fix the typography, this is merely a placeholder)



oh my goddddd

Anyhoo, here's a preview of ALL OF THEM laid out. They're very small here but if you come see my show you can see them in their full size glory! Huzzah!!

I will probably end up redoing a couple of them but for now, here they all are together. I'm pretty proud of myself!

Well, the fun part is over - now I get to do all the printing/installation/preparation for the senior exhibition and that is going to be the nightmare of my life. But for now I'm going to eat some dinner, watch some Digimon, and spend the rest of the night on figuring out the typography. So enjoy this little preview and I will see you next time!


1 comment:

Kappa_in_a_handbag said...

homg!! awesome! I cant wait to see it in all its full sized glory!

i still have quite a ways to go myself T^T hopefully i can get finished soon >:U <---determined face