Sunday, February 20, 2011

Senior Thesis Update #1

(Just a preview of one of the elements! Mag's design didn't change much, haha.)

What up homies~

Just thought I'd update you all with my progress on my Senior Thesis. I have currently completed 23/73 elements, with a round 50 left to do! I'm hoping to have them all done by the end of March, leaving myself the last two weeks for printing, mounting, and installation.

Also, I got my space assigned - I am on one of the four walls at the very front of the school - aka, one of the prime spots that everyone coming in and out of the building will see. I am super-excited and I did not expect to get such a good space.

Anyway, I'm recovering from a fantastic weekend and trying to get back to work on school and such. Catch you all later with another update!


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Lillie Coronado said...

So, have you finished you Elements Design? How was your thesis? Well, Magnesium doesn’t looked bad at all. It was great thesis ideas for you to characterize the periodic table of element. Who would ever think about such a great idea?