Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thesis Overview

Hi gang!

It's been a while since I wrote/posted in this particular blog. I've spent the last few months solidifying ideas for my thesis, and I think I've finally come up with a plausible solution.

Instead of doing character designs of the entire periodic table - 118 elements in all - I've decided to only do 73; this consists of a good chunk of the table but excludes the lanthanides, actinides, and the small strip of elements on the bottom of the table (elements 104-118). I'm a little disappointed I won't be able to complete the entire table, but this way I can focus on the elements that are a) more fun to design, and b) the elements most people have actually heard of. This will also save me time - I only have 10 weeks to complete my work (saving the last 2 weeks for printing and installation).

In any case, I have started actually producing some artwork and I'm excited that the project is underway. These next few months will be stressful but hopefully worth it in the long run. I may be posting some works-in-progress so keep an eye out!

Well, I gotta keep chuggin'. See you guys later!


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Tanginello said...

I'm excited.
Like, super excited.

Can't wait to see this stuff!!