Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A couple of sketches

Left - Sulfur.
Right - Hydrogen (little girl), Neo (holding H looking annoyed) and Oxygen (brothers)

Just a couple of sketches I've done in my free time. I'm still working on Elements (it's going to be my senior thesis) but I've been in the research phase and not really working on character concepts yet. But hopefully I should be done with all the research by the middle/end of October and then busting out some concepts.



Travis Whitty said...

Looking really great, Kaycie.
Your attention to posing and fluid line work keeps getting better with every stroke. Glad to hear you're digging into the research. It's actually a really exciting phase of the whole project because you feel like the possibilities are never-ending. Excited to see what grows from these efforts...

Plutonium-238 said...

omg I just love these sketches especially the hydrogen ones. She's just so CUTE!!!!!

Seriously, I love your work. It's amazing.