Monday, June 14, 2010

Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper

Yo, sorry about the lack of updating. Haven't had much time to produce new artwork, so I thought I'd post some of the old stuff.

Top Left: Magnesium, an Element who after his release from the lab retreated to a small town and became a car mechanic. Zinc, Aluminum, and Copper were sent to recruit him to OPTE. Magnesium (also known shorthand as "Mag") is roommates with Copper and Zinc, and Aluminum is is best friend (and love interest). Top Right: Aluminum (also known shorthand as "Al" and sometimes "Ali") is a cheerful, helpful woman with amazing physical strength. She harbors a not-so-secret crush for Copper, much to the disapproval of Magnesium. Bottom: A collage of Magnesium/Aluminum.

Left: Copper, a quiet and serious Element who has been at OPTE for the longest of the group (the group being Copper-Al-Mag-Zinc). Zinc is his best friend, but he usually secludes himself from other people. Middle: A sketch of Aluminum, probably daydreaming about Copper. Right: A terrifying realization of what Al-Mg-Cu reminds me of... D:

I'll try to be better about updating. :c



Amaya said...

Ohhh geez. Cake Aluminum is adorable. I also really like the one of her holding the fridge. >_<

Anonymous said...

Magnesium looks like sean carrons!