Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Post!

Welcome, everyone! We just moved here from LiveJournal and we're very excited to be here.

To those who don't know, this is the sketch/idea blog for KcD Studios' work-in-progress, "Elements". "Elements" is a story concept that aspires to be an animated tv show similar in caliber to "Avatar - The Last Airbender". The story takes place on a scientifically-advanced world where genetically-altered humans fused with the power of the chemical elements are caught in the middle of a long-standing war. The story follows the Noble Gas Neon - nicknamed "Neo" - and his friends, who must align the lost Elements and bring the fighting to an end.

This sketchblog will contain concept art, writings, storyboards, and anything else I decide to put up here. "Elements" is also going to be the basis of my MIAD senior thesis, so hopefully this blog will also track my progress through this long and intense project.

Looking forward to embarking on this adventure with you! Please don't hesitate to leave any feedback you may have!


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