Monday, May 31, 2010

Concepts - Zinc

Do you ever listen to music that one of your characters would normally listen to, but YOU definitely wouldn't?

Yes. Well everybody, meet Zinc.

Zinc just loves jamming to his tunes. His favorite artists are Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boy, and - most recently - Ke$ha. <-- hence the beginning of this post. He also enjoys playing video games, cooking eggs in his underwear, and overreacting.

A finished "fake screenshot" of Zinc and his best friend, Copper.

Zinc is... fffff I don't even know. I love Zinc, really. He's one of the few Elements whose personality just spiraled out of control and formed a life of its own. He's goofy, can be kind of a bastard, and he has terrible taste in music. He doesn't let being an Element get him down, and prefers to live his life in the moment. Zinc is also a vegetarian - most meat products are high in zinc and if he gets weird if he oversaturates.

We will get more technical later.


HMMMMM maybe I should post a new Element every week? We'll see.


Tanginello said...

I am a fan of a new Element every week. I don't know very many of them, sooo. Good way to find out.

Also, Zinc, it is okay, I like Lady Gaga too. (When I am stupid drunk.)

I like this guy. He seems like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

ay I like this guy!
I also like Fall Out Boy although Imagine Dragons are better